Archery Targets & Accessories

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Archery finger tab
Archery practice target
  • $104.95 /Unité
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Archy target stand, 48"
  • $189.95 /Unité
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Ethafoam target
  • $199.95 /Unité
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Round paper target

Sports Equipment of Toronto offers sturdy archery targets and accessories for all ages and practice levels, for both indoor and outdoor archery practice.


  • FITA-approved archery practice targets, with attachable cover for ease of storage in schools and at summer camps
  • Water-resistant paper targets, approved by FITA
  • FITA-approved paper targets
  • Tripod stands for head restraints adapted for practice targets
  • Vinyl finger protectors, 2 holes, suitable for right-handed and left-handed people
  • Robust vinyl forearm protectors with 2 elastic straps

Sports Equipment of Toronto offers high quality archery targets and accessories that meet international standards and offer the best prices.