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6 oversized plastic bats
  • $55.75 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: Back Order
Polyethylene baseball bats, set of 6
  • $49.95 /Unit
  • Unit
Softball bat
SuperSafe baseball bat, 28"
  • $36.75 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock

In baseball and softball, the batter's reaction time at bat is limited. The game evolves quickly with no room for error. A powerful and lightweight bat will optimize the ball's striking speed. Equipping yourself with baseball or softball bats that are strong, lightweight and well balanced is a guarantee of long strikes!

Here’s a guide to our baseball and softball bat sizes available in durable alloy:

At Sports Equipment of Toronto, we offer the baseball bat and softball brands RAWLINGS and WORTH, which are time-tested for reliability and durability.