For safe and proper use, it’s important to choose the right ball size for the age range of your student groups. Typically, playground ball sizes can be segmented into four distinct categories: 

Age category Ball size
Preschool to Grade 2      4, 5 and 6 inches
Grade 3 and 4 6 and 7 inches
Grade 5 and 6 7 and 8.5 inches
Teenager & Adult 8.5 inches and more

The range of CATSPORTS balls and playground balls includes:
  • Rubber balls are preferred for playgrounds. Note that playground balls are available in different sizes and colours.
  • Foam balls, recommended for beginners; our selection of foam balls and playground balls covers many sports, and includes foam balls of different sizes, colours and brands: softballs, high-density foam tennis balls, basketballs, dodge balls, handballs, soccer, football, game balls... There are models with low bounce, limited bounce or high bounce. Balls made of uncoated foam, polyurethane-covered foam or high-density foam. Foam balls are sold individually and some models are sold in sets.
  • Sensory stimulating balls, stimulating hearing and dexterity, to facilitate learning, are usable for a multitude of games.
  • Giant Balls.

With our selection of balls, you’ll find everything you need to organize indoor or outdoor activities for athletes of all ages. Sports Equipment of Toronto distributes the ball specialists brands JEFFIX, MIKASA, OMNIKIN, TRIAL, RAWLING and VOLLEY. We offer a very wide range of balls, for all ages and types of sports, at the best prices.