Tennis is played between two opponents (singles) or two teams of two (doubles), and is played in 2 or 3 winning sets. In athletes, tennis develops strategic abilities to adapt their game to the strengths and weaknesses of their opponent; and physical abilities as you must have strength in the upper body for hitting; and, in the lower body for movement. And also mental abilities, because games are long and players must concentrate to keep on top.

Depending on the style of play, level and age of the players, you must choose the right equipment. Sports Equipment of Toronto offers a wide range of tennis equipment, from beginner to pro, for training to match the ambitions of your little champions.

Sports Equipment of Toronto has selected the brands VOLLEY, WILSON and WISH for their high quality and robustness, in order to provide you with durable equipment. To support players of all ages in their progress, we offer a range of tennis items carefully selected by our experts and adapted to all skill levels.