COREFX resistance loop
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COREFX resistance loop

Product Code: CFXSLS

The COREFX Strength Loops are our elite strengthening mobility bands that are designed for anyone, from beginners to experts! The 3" Loops are great for any type of workout, whether you’re looking to build strength or gain mobility, our bands are ideal for a range of different workouts and exercises! The Strength Loops can help assist you with anything from abductor, flexor, knee, squats, circles, deadlifts, weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, glute & booty workouts, lunges, flexor, lateral or forward step, back kick, legs press & more! The COREFX Strength Loops are made of polyester and latex with reinforced stitching that is soft to touch as well as sweat resistant. With its Strength Stretch technology, the bands are ensured to last as they won’t snap during your various workouts.
  • Size: 12.75" (32 cm)
  • Loop resistance: 20-50 lb

$22.25 /Unit
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