Disc-Golf discs, set of 3
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Disc-Golf discs, set of 3

Product Code: FDGS

Set of 3 Disc-Golf discs.

  • The discs are made of a special grippy polymer blend with outstanding durability
  • Includes: one driver disc, one midrange disc, one putter disc

The first throw demands a disc with high penetrability and endurance, named Fairway Driver or Distance Driver. This type of disc has a sharp edge, main function is to fly a long distance and reach out the target with one throw.

At the middle range of track, more precise propel is demanded. Mid-length (about30-80 meter) throw is the way to approach the target basket. Such kind of discs have blunt edge, also fly shorter than fairway driver but provide more precise throw. 

Offer more precise straight throw within 30 meters distance. Such kind of discs are more stable and can hit the target basket more easily comparing with the other two.


$55.75 /Unit
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