Spectrum Adjustable and Portable Target Trainer
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Spectrum Adjustable and Portable Target Trainer

Product Code: PRECISION-TR

This adjustable, portable target trainer will improve accuracy in many sports including volleyball, football, soccer and more. Use the Spectrum Precision Trainer to improve bumping, passing, setting, serving, and spiking precision during your training and practice sessions.

In every competition, there comes a moment that defines the game and typically determines which side will be victorious. Some call it a turning point, or momentum changer. This moment can happen at any time, sometimes early in the contest or sometimes in the final seconds. It is during this key moment, that all the practice, hard work, precision and repetition drills pay off. We want you to own this moment, and the Spectrum Precision Trainer will help you do so.

  • Excellent for volleyball, football, soccer or many other sports
  • Steel frame and telescopic, angle adjustable
  • 44" x 30" x 43" (111 cm x 76 cm x 109 cm)
  • Multiple Height Settings: Lightweight aluminum support allows you to change the height of the target depending on your particular training or drill. Center of the target hoop heights are 106", 114", 122", and 130". Use the low profile adapter to bring the target down to the low height setting of 76".
  • Adjustable Target: The 24" steel two-piece target can be adjusted in 45 degree increments from completely horizontal to completely vertical and everything in between.
  • Steel Frame/Base: The sturdy, welded steel frame provides stability to the unit and keeps it from toppling over during use. Rubber swivel wheels attached to the base allow the unit to be moved with ease.
  • Catch Net: Easily attaches to the target using Velcro straps and catches any balls that enter the target.
$439.95 /Unit
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