To offer a wide range of activities for the very young, Sports Equipment of Toronto offers educational games that encourage movement, develop coordination and have fun. Our range of educational games is especially suited for schools, daycare centres, childcare facilities and early childhood education centres.

We distribute the game brands JEFFIX, ATF, SPOONER, WEPLAY, PLASMART, OMNIKIN, DOM, MIKASA, VOLLEY, FooBaSKILL® and SPEEDMINTON®. Sports Equipment of Toronto offer many educational games, at the best prices to help young children develop, and enjoy days full of fun and games!

The range of games and activities includes:

  • Hoops and accessories for hoops: flat, ribbed or tubular flat hoops, made of highly resistant polyethylene in various colours, available in different sizes from 15'' - 38 cm to 36'' - 91, 4 cm;
  • Bean bag games: bean bag sets or sandbag sets, bean bags - can be used with bean bags or plastic washers, large format hopscotch games, pocket games in different models, snakes and ladders games and large format games, ladder ball games;
  • Miscellaneous games: To organize extracurricular activities or to liven up the playground;
  • Giant games: PVC soccer bubbles, giant dice, giant games;
  • Markers: sets of rubber markers in different sizes and shapes;
  • Scooter boards and accessories: scooter boards, with handles or without handles, and accessories.