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Flat hoop
Set of 4 flat hoop clips
  • $6.75 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: In stock
Set of 4 flat hoops
Tubular hoop
Utility base for hoops
  • $10.95 /Unit
  • Unit
  • Availability: Back Order

The hoops and accessories distributed by Sports Equipment of Toronto will allow you to set up many activities such as hula hoop courses and agility games that help with  motor development and agility in the very young.

We distribute the JEFFIX brand known for durability. Sports Equipment of Toronto distributes hoops and accessories of different styles and characteristics that adapt to the needs of everyone, at the best prices. The kits are especially useful for schools, daycare centres, childcare facilities and early childhood education centres, allowing them to offer many games to the very young.